"We don't mind not being the biggest, but we'll only settle for being the best"

Company Profile

Dynamica has been trading in excess of 10 years, from beginning as a sole trader Mr. Edward Randall first used the company name 'Dynamica' back in 1997. Starting as a sub-contractor for larger commissioning companies, Edward became increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with their less than idealistic approach, aspiring himself to provide a truly first class service to clients, hence the birth of Dynamica HVAC Commissioning Ltd in 2006. Years on and Dynamica has began to make its mark; As well as continuing to sub-contract to preferred commissioning companies, Dynamica is continually establishing it's good name amongst a number of distinguished clients.

Already Dynamica has surpassed all rivals in terms of professionalism, commitment, presentation and sheer quality of service; with innovation and attention to detail being principal attributes.

With being a relatively small company each individual is tasked with greater accountability, and quite frankly we have the calibre of person that thrives upon that, with each individual, even at Technician level, being confident to converse with site managers and to help organise and coordinate with other trades.

Dynamica prides itself in offering a superior service to the construction industry for a very competitive price. Delivering an enthusiastic and dedicated approach to work, you can be sure that any job will be completed reliably, safely and with the minimum of fuss. One of the main reasons for Dynamica's increased success is their attitude to getting the job done, with not quibbling over every obstacle, but instead being able to adapt and to rise to the task. This has come as a refreshing change to clients that have not been so fortunate as to discover us earlier.

Even though based in Norfolk, Dynamica has found itself travelling all over the UK for clients including Nottingham, Peterborough, Cambridge, Ipswich, London and Brighton.

University of East Anglia

"University Of East Anglia, Norfolk Terrace Block - commissioned by Dynamica HVAC Commissioning Ltd in June 2007"

     Open Youth Centre Open Youth Centre

"Open Youth Centre, Norwich - Commissioned by Dynamica HVAC Commissioning Ltd in March 2009"