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Is an essential part of the final construction process, ensuring that all systems are balanced and set to optimum efficiency, achieving the design concept, and have been set to "working conditions". If the commissioning process has been carried out properly, then the client can be assured of a fully functional building come handover. The range of commissioning projects can vary greatly; from new offices to hospitals, shools & colleges, to clean room facilities and even M.O.D. facilities such as a nuclear bunker - we have experience and expertise of all.

Our commissiong process is comprised of the following aspects:

  1. Pre-commisioning and fault finding

    This helps to ensure that systems are safe to run, installed properly and are ready to be balanced. Additionally it provides a final check to eliminate potential problems before the actual commissioning process begins.

  2. Testing and Balancing of the system

    Equally proficient in both air and water systems, Dynamica will test & balance safely and effectively in accordance with CIBSE codes of practice.

  3. Documentation

    All final results of the commissioning process, including any reports will be documented and presented within a final comprehensive test sheet package; being both concise and attractively presented.

  4. Demonstration

    With always taking great pride in the systems we have worked upon, we can always confidently demonstrate all systems to the clients representatives to complete satisfaction.

Commissioning Management

The appointment of a commissioning manager facilitates the overall effeciency and speed of the commissioning process, by ensuring correct installation and by managing the continuity of systems available by coordinating all associated disciplines. It can allow potential problems to be identified earlier thus permitting remedial actions or reviews to be instigated more conveniently. Essential it provides an expert interface between project management and site operatives, allowing a project manager more time to spend on running the project and with contractual issues etc.

Water Treatment

The flushing and water treatment process has always been an essential requirement and combining it as part of the commissioning package only helps to improve overall efficiency. Dynamica will ensure that all water systems are flushed and chemically treated to the required standard, then set about the task of commissioning. With already having gained system familiarity from Flushing and having ensured a satisfactory readyness for commissioning (with having combined pre-commissioning); the resulting saving in time and costs can be directly passed onto the client.

LEV Compliance and Assessment Testing

Dynamica is competent to assess and test any Local Exhaust Ventilation system. This includes visual checks of the system, reading air-flows/velocities, producing the relevant documentation & report, and to arrange for any remedial actions; modifications / maintenance to be carried out. The systems are tested to COSHH and HSE codes & guides.

Surveying & Validation

This is a particularly useful procedure prior to carrying out refurbishments to existing buildings where the potential of systems and plant needs to be ascertained. Also useful if the occupants of a building deem their environment to be less than satisfactory, checks of all the relevant systems can be carried out and thus the reasons for the discomfort identified and remedied.